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Get Fit It’s Free

Get Fit It’s Free is an online, interactive website which caters to your fitness and nutritional needs

So you want to lose weight…maybe tone up a bit? You want to get rid of those flabby arms, love handles or just maintain a healthy weight? The good news is that it can be done right in the comfort of your own home, at the gym, at the office, hotel, while on vacation, etc. and all…
for   F R E E !


Welcome to Get Fit It’s Free

Get Fit It’s Free is an online, interactive website which caters to your fitness and some nutritional needs.


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Always Consult Your Doctor Before Starting Any Exercises

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Certified Personal Trainer, Bodybuilder

Mr. Reed

Line Dance Instructor, Choreographer


Nutritionist, Coach, Bodybuilder

Reflexology Chi

Holistic & Alternative Healing over 20 years




Katt is an enthusiastic personal trainer and wellness coach. Working with Katt, I’ve learned the good habits that will not only help me get fit, but also help me enjoy the journey. Change is hard. However, Katt took the time to work with me to find the program and plan that works just for me.



Prior to meeting Katt, I never considered hiring a personal trainer to train me for the CPAT (Candidate Physical Ability Test) to make it in the Fire Academy, but that all changed when I met her. She immediately came off to me as someone that was extremely knowledgeable in strength and endurance training  and that could help me accomplish my goals. Just after three weeks of training with Katt, I began to see results in my arms, legs and with my endurance.


She was easy to work with, gave constructive criticism,  and she pushed me beyond my personal limits, and lots of fun. What I loved the most was her passion and dedication to her clients. Katt is highly recommended as a fitness professional in my book, and guess what? I passed CPAT!



Line dance instructor in Chicago, Marque Reed is an outstanding line dance instructor and chorographer. His energy is unsurpassed in anything I've ever seen. I mean it's the reason we call him the Energizer Bunny!



Marque Reed, Marque Reed! What can I say?! He's a man with a heart of God.... not gold.... God! His spiritually and how he blends it with everyday living...OMG!! When I first came to his class, he blew me away at the end..... He prayed for us!!!!



Dawn has a thorough understanding of the various muscle groups and how to target them through weight training. She has corrected things with my form that I was doing wrong for years. She is also very knowledgeable about nutrition and supplements through education, from working in nutrition and competing at a very high level in NPC.


Her workouts in the gym are anything but ordinary. She makes minor tweaks to exercises that have been around for years, and she comes up with others I've never seen. Her expertise and determination is definitely OFF THE CHART!



When I was looking for a new workout plan, Dawn was my first call. I had no doubt her passion, dedication and true caring would allow her to create a program which would fit me. It would be easy to print up a generic routine, but Dawn took the time to learn what I wanted from the workout. She created a routine which allowed me to grow and adjust to my specifications.

Dawn has a true desire to spread fitness backed by knowledge and a down to earth approachable personality.


Reflexology ** Nutrition ** Chi

Reflexology, Nutrition, and Chi have been effective in preventing and treating many conditions, including arthritis, insomnia, stress and anxiety, blood pressure, cardiovascular issues, diabetes, kidney function, chronic bowel syndrome, sinusitis, asthma, back, and more ...


 The life force energy in our food and water has a direct connection to the quality of our health.


Reflexology Chi uses life force energy modalities & nutrition to help balance the mind, body, spirit, and emotions.

Bambi Blue

Working out with Katt has been one of the most inspiring times in my life. She has motivated and pushed me harder than anyone I've ever come across in personal training. I was 237 lbs when we met and she listened to my opinion of my flaws and heard what I wanted and she went right to work.

She watched me and came up with a good meal plan according to my eating habits and workouts that matched my body. She is patient, understanding and the most sweetest woman I've ever had the pleasure of being ordered around by, hahaha!

I am now 205 lbs and still going. I've never been more motivated to be better for myself until I started training with her. Thank you Katt! !


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