Ab Roller

Step 1. While in a kneeling position on the floor or a mat, grab both handles of the Ab roller. This will be your starting position.

Step 2.  Slowly roll the ab roller straight in front of you and stretch your body outward. Inhale as you stretch your body forward.

Step 3.  Exhale as you roll the ab roller back to the kneeling position.  Repeat these steps to complete your sets.

The ab roller calls for great core and upper body strength because these are the primary muscles in use. 

Tip: You can also move the ab roller to both sides. This slight adjustment works your oblique muscles. If you have or start to experience any pain, do not continue with this exercise. Always consult your physician before starting any new workout routines.

Primary Muscle:  Abdominals

Secondary Muscle:  Obliques

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