New to the Gym Plan

Getting Started

So, you are new to the gym, and you are not sure where to start, what to do, or how long to work out? Figuring this out can be a challenge.


First things first, ask for a tour. Most gyms will even offer a tour. Most times they will show you the machines, and some gyms offer a free personal training session. Take advantage of that offer. Here is your opportunity to get comfortable with your gym, learn how to safely operate the machines and equipment you will use, and utilize the personal trainer who will show you proper form. It’s extremely important to have a good foundation on which to build, so proper form is a must to prevent injuries and to get results you are looking for.


Our ‘new to the gym’ plan will get you on target and on the road to success. The key here is to start out slow, work smart and stay consistent. Results take time so plan ahead to make this a journey and not a race.

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