Strength Training

Strength training consists of a number of exercises coupled with a number of repetitions for a certain amount of sets… where one would use resistance to engage a particular muscle group. A consistent routine should result in strength and size as well as endurance depending on the amount of sets, reps and the individual exercises incorporated. In addition to gaining strength, size and endurance, strength training can be helpful in many other ways. It can improve one’s posture, flexibility and increase one’s metabolic rate. Make sure to use proper lifting techniques.

There are several weight training techniques used in strength training. So, there is no one size fits all. Whether you choose to do a circuit weight training routine (a series of exercises with a certain amount of reps with little rest in between each set), or you choose to do drop sets (reducing the weight at the start of each set) or even supersets (two or more exercises generally of the same motions and done back to back without resting), be sure to use proper form to avoid injuries. Consult your doctor before performing any exercise if you are new to training.

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