30-Minute Planet Fitness Circuit

Try this 30-Minute Circuit training at a Planet Fitness near you. I am not an employee nor spokesperson of this establishment, but I think their circuit area is awesome.

They offer a total of 20 numbered stations. 10 stations are designed for training upper or lower body, and the remaining 10 stations can be used as step ups to work the entire body. Here are the machines which are in most Planet Fitness locations:

  1. Chest Press
  2. Leg Press
  3. Ab Crunch
  4. Should Press
  5. Leg Extension
  6. Leg Curl
  7. Bicep Curl
  8. Triceps Extension
  9. Seated Row
  10. Lat Pulldown

There is a timer on the wall which operates in conjunction with a green and red light. When the light is green, you start with the machine numbered #1 and workout on that machine for 1 minute. When the light turns red, you then advance to machine (or step platform #2). You continue this process until you have used each machine and step up platform.

Be sure to ask for help before operating any of their equipment.

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